Local man grilled on witness stand, gets 25-year term
(From the April 14, 2008 story in the El Dorado News-Times

News-Times Staff
What began Friday as both a motions hearing and a suspended imposition of sentence revocation hearing, ended with Eugene C. Turner III, 52, of El Dorado pleading guilty to possession of cocaine with the intent to deliver after some tough questioning by 13th Judicial District Prosecutor Robin Carroll.
Turner received sentencing totaling 25 years to be served in the Arkansas Department of Correction. He was given 17 years for the possession of a controlled substance with intent, and eight years for the SIS violation, with the sentencing running consecutively.
Testimony was heard from Richard McKinnon, area manager from the probation division of the Department of Community Corrections; Michael Rice, director of the 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force, and formerly of the El Dorado Police Department; and Rickey Goode, patrolman with the EPD.
Rice said that complaints had been received from Turner¹s neighbors concerning his activities. Officers set up surveillance on Turner where they could watch his actions.
On July 24, 2007, after the drug task force received a tip that Turner was in route to deliver crack cocaine, patrolmen watched Turner driving his mother¹s car and he was stopped by officer Goode for running a stop sign.
Rice said that approximately two rocks of crack cocaine were removed from Turner¹s front pocket. The amount was "consistent with $100 worth of crack cocaine." and drug paraphernalia was also found.
Rice said that Turner¹s storage building, which was located at his property, was searched and "pornographic materials and sexual devices" were found.
Additional crack cocaine was found on a computer monitor. More than 200 "sex tapes" were reportedly found on Turner¹s property.
When questioned by Carroll about the age of a female on a moving visual image that had been confiscated by officers, Turner said that he did not know for sure if the female on the video was a minor, but he had believed she was of legal age. He said the video was sent to his cell phone by a female acquaintance that he had engaged in casual sex with over the past few years.
"She told me to save them,"

Turner said, referring to the video. "She said she wanted to see them." He said the woman who sent him the video was "not well thought of."
Turner said that he had made sex tapes in the past, but he "took offense" to any accusation of possessing child pornography. He said that he took part in many community activities that were in opposition to child pornography, such as "passing out free condoms on the street."
Claiming that he did not sell drugs for money, Turner said that he shared crack cocaine with the female acquaintance that sent him the video. "I sell for mutual pleasure," he said, adding that he used crack cocaine as a "sexual enhancement." Citing previous cases, Circuit Court Judge Hamilton Singleton told Turner that he had been given repeated breaks. "Today he¹s going to get the full benefit of those cases," Singleton said to Turner¹s attorney, Don Gillaspie.
Turner said under oath that he was a "certified and bonified cocaine addict," and added that he had been in remission for more than two years.
Turner was also arrested in January of 2005, for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) and possession of drug paraphernalia. At that sentencing he was given two years in the Community Correction Center and five years suspended imposition of sentence.
Due to the 2007 arrest, Turner was in violation of the 2005 SIS sentence.
Turner was credited with 104 days of pre-trial incarceration.
Pleas that were given in Circuit Court Thursday include the following:
€ Vester C. Miller pled guilty to theft by receiving (over $500), theft of property, and residential burglary. He received five years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and was also given five years suspended imposition of sentence.
Miller was also ordered to pay court costs and fees and was given 231 days of credit for pre-trial incarceration.
€ Jessie W. Vines was sentenced to five years probation for violating the terms and conditions of his probation. Vines could spend 120 days in the county jail or two years in the community correction center if he invalidates the five year probation sentence. He was also ordered to pay costs and fees.