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13th Judicial District of Arkansas

The Thirteenth Judicial District Office of Arkansas is charged with the responsibility of prosecuting criminal cases filed in the Arkansas counties of Calhoun, Cleveland, Columbia, Dallas, Ouachita and Union. Led by elected Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogers, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney retains a legal staff of 12 attorneys and 22 support staff. The foremost priority of the prosecuting attorney’s office is to deliver justice to crime victims and their families. To accomplish the delivery of justice, the office and its representatives faithfully employ respect, honor and integrity in every investigation and prosecution without prejudice.

Formed on November 2, 1829, Union County is nestled near the calm waters of the Ouachita River in the Timberlands region of South Arkansas. Areas along the waterways were originally developed for cotton plantations in the antebellum years until 1921 when Samuel T. Busey hit oil with a well about a mile south of El Dorado, leading to an oil boom that attracted thousands of workers and speculators. Union County is an area rich in southern charm and history. We at the Thirteenth Judicial District Office of Arkansas are committed to making south Arkansas a safer place to live and raise a family.

13th Judicial District map