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Reporting a Crime

If you are a victim of a crime, see a crime in progress, or observe behavior that you suspect is criminal or unusual, call 911 to notify the local law enforcement agency. The more information you can give, the more helpful it will be. Consider the following:

  • What is the potential crime the person is committing?
  • Where the activity happening?
  • What does the person look like? Give a description of what the person is wearing.
  • Were weapons involved and if so what kind (gun, knife, club, etc.)?
  • If they are in a car, what is the vehicle description and license number?
  • When you last saw the person(s) and what direction did they go?
  • Do not approach or attempt to apprehend the person(s) involved. If possible, and if you feel comfortable doing so, stay on the telephone with the dispatcher or officer and provide additional information as changes occur in the situation until the first officer arrives at your location.
Report a Crime

*You may put anonymous in the blank if you do not want to use your name.
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